Jun 29, 2022, 8:33:20 AM


The 5 Benefits of Matchmaking inside the B2B Metaverse

The recent announcements from big brands buying lands in the metaverse or building their own metaverse show that the metaverse continue to gain traction and is progressing rapidly. The move expanded quickly to B2B with Microsoft announcements, and it is undeniable that it will impact the B2B to potentially be the backbone for B2B future interactions and transactions!

The B2B metaverse has the tremendous prospects to facilitate and enhance collaboration and networking opportunities in an immersive way; thanks to 3D and VR but also credit goes to AI & ML to learn & decide from interactions. It addresses a critical gap in today’s digital B2B journeys: the ability to learn from every digital interaction and information to deliver advanced B2B matchmaking, insights, and opportunities. The matchmaking inside the B2B metaverse is key in the value creation process and the capacity to build services for businesses to support their growth. It is not only about matchmaking and learning from people interactions, but also about matchmaking products, digital twins and learning from interactions with products and related digital twins, it is about matchmaking organizations, knowledge. Matchmaking is key and serves as a networking structure to create substantial interactions inside the B2B Metaverse.

1. Enhance the B2B Metaverse experience

This is precisely what makes the strength and increases the value of dynamic B2B matchmaking inside the B2B Metaverse. It helps to orchestrate and manage interactions to deliver better experiences through guided visits and relevant activities. It will help to predict customer expectations to assign them the right resources to create value. Without strong matchmaking algorithms, the B2B Metaverse will lose its supremacy and efficiency and it will slow down and attenuate the B2B Metaverse value creation process.

2. Improves Brands ROI and satisfaction with pre-engagement

In addition to improving the quality of networking inside the B2B Metaverse, which means satisfied participants and brands, the matchmaking aims to create new collaborations and synergies through the expansion of markets and the exchange of information. Thanks to matchmaking, the participants directly meet the organizations that perfectly match their expectations (suppliers, customers, universities, investors, institutions, etc.) and select the relevant products and services. Thus, they save valuable time with well-targeted profiling work and upstream matchmaking.

3. Deliver insights and smart recommendations

By making matchmaking available, participants will be empowered with a wide array of analytics and intelligent business recommendations, based on real B2B environment and authentic real-time data analytics from virtual & hybrid trade shows, networking sessions, or any other contexts. The insights could be extended to inform about their occupancy inside the B2B Metaverse, their next partners and deliver ecosystem mapping and knowledge graphs

4. Enhance valuable and actionable data

As stated above, the matchmaking serves as networking structure to the B2B metaverse and therefore by setting up a learning-loop of the generated data, it allows B2B metaverse organizers and participants to improve the actionable data output, to improve their approach and get better results.

5. Enable innovative applications

Just imagine the matchmaking helping you to get the right partners to build your greenest product in few clicks, helping you to gather immediate insights about the interactions with your products in the fields, … relevance and time saving!

We are only in the beginning of what B2B Metaverse is today, but more intelligent and timely matchmaking algorithm will foster it the real horse for Metaverse in B2B!