Mext is a pioneering SaaS platform that revolutionizes the creation of interactive 3D spaces. With cutting-edge AI-driven customization and real-time features, Mext empowers businesses and educational institutions to effortlessly craft immersive digital experiences. From onboarding to product showcasing, events, networking, and active learning, Mext seamlessly facilitates a wide range of activities. Our platform embraces the immersive internet, metaverse, and Web3 era, offering users the confidence to create, navigate and thrive in these emerging digital landscapes. With Mext, dive into a world of seamless integration and intuitive design, where creating captivating 3D environments is both accessible and impactful.


Mext Mission
Mext's mission is to democratize access to the immersive internet, metaverse, and Web3 era by offering user-friendly tools for companies and users to create and embrace the next generation of the internet.
Mext Vision
Mext's vision is to become the leading global platform for creating and exploring immersive internet, Metaverse, and Web3 digital environments, shaping the future of communication, learning, and interaction in the digital world.

Management Team

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Hanène, Board Member, Co-Founder
PhD, Ecole Centrale de Lyon, MBA Marketing & Management, more than 25 years’ experience in developing business : Philips, ST, Atmel, Startups (Starchip sold to Safran)
Mext is my 25 years experience in international Business Development and my dream to develop modern and greener tools for the new generation of workers
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Soumya, Technical Director, Co-founder
PhD in Computer Science and expert in AI, Bio-inspired natural Computing (Ants, Swarms and Bees) Machine Learning and Data Mining.
Mext is the professional & dream creation of my 24 years expertise in AI, ML & Data mining. Being a passionate AI evangelist , I would like to keep AI close to real-life use cases.
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Hubert, CEO, Co-Founder
PhD, Ecole Centrale de Lyon, held several operation positions including safety, regulatory, processes compliances and quality at GE
Mext is my way to converge my gamer side with my professional career in the Industry! I learnt a lot from gaming, and I wanted to develop an exciting professional tool inspired by gaming world.


Our values :
3E’s - Equality, Education & Ecology
In the ever-evolving landscape of global culture and diversity, the focus on these aspects has never been more critical. The transformative changes in socio-cultural dynamics due to rapid industrialization prompt us to reevaluate our development strategies and explore the relationship between diverse cultures in reaching common goals.
"Knowledge is power"
Since the inception of Mext Platforme, our mission has been to democratize access to technology,
Breaking the barriers
In a world undergoing constant change, Mext plateforme aligns with the timeless wisdom
Our platform serves as a tool to enable everyone to access to the information and to receive equal treatment whaterver their country, gender or race.
Education, encompassing learning, skills, values, and habits, is at the core of our vision. Mext goes beyond providing access; it facilitates learning with affordable, interactive content to enhance course memorization. Our goal is to empower everyone to be a successful learner.
Ecology explains the intricate interactions between living beings, highlighting the balance and energy within ecosystems. Mext B2B Metaverse aspires to be a fuel-less, waste-less platform, promoting sustainable practices and environmental responsibility in the business and events industry. The process of sharing knowledge, education, collaboration, business matchmaking, and gathering free information circulates the power of knowledge to meet the challenges of a new industrial era, creating a balanced and secure business ecosystem. In essence, the metaphor of Mext's 3E values inspires emerging thoughts and ideas, shaping them for the betterment of society and nurturing the next generation of industry and technology leaders.
The process of sharing knowledge and education, collaboration, business matchmaking, gathering free information-all are circulating the power of knowledge to face the new industrial challenges across global communities to make a perfect and balanced business ecosystem.
THE destination ...
The metaphor of 3E’s of Mext plateforme motivate the emerging thoughts and ideas, shaping them for the betterment of society and to promote new world leaders of industry and technology.