Jun 1, 2022, 3:33:20 PM


Investing in B2B Metaverse : A New Horizon for Digital Transformation Boon or Bane

From the perspective of service model of B2B business paradigms, it has been privileged to consolidate the connectionist models of customers through the world of Metaverse. The background of such customer relationship model has been improvised by Oracle’s Infinity-business intelligence where they showcased Nike shoe configurator. In that journey , every click and meta-clicks of prospective buyers are recorded..... thanks again to Metaverse. However, with these trend of innovations, seldom product development and optimization of working process should be re-tuned to support Metaverse open & shared platform as well. The cases of Rolls-Royce comprising many complex algorithms of digital twin and machine leaning to reduce the amount of carbon mission for many ongoing flights. Although, service to each aircarft, their respective specifications, brand and capacity can only segregate a distinguishable relationship with Rolls-Royce in Metaverse as separate customer.

Thus data of each stakeholders become more valuable in Metaverse strengthen with respect to customer security and brand value .

Here, the security enterprise must enjoy their cherished time for the highly connected big data of customer in distributed ledger or Blockchain or NFT.

Therefore, servicing through Metaverse every time could be digital boom for every investor from different angles. The question “where’s the value exchange” is more engrossed as diversification of dynamic market conditions experienced through Metaverse. Thus, Metaverse improvise B2B businesses from product to “product-as-a-service.