May 15, 2020, 8:11:02 PM


How my new brand can fly ?

You are a founder, launching a new startup. You have great idea, great concept, great plan! But also you are creating a new brand, an unknown brand, a brand among thousands of brands, a brand that is beaten by big brands. How can I overcome this branding challenge? Is it important for my success?

Brand awareness is essential to grow today, and it will still be true forever. The more your target audience notices your brand, the more likely they will be ready to buy from you.

Marketing is the center of your Brand awareness development. Marketing should be about how different you are, how special you are & how helpful you are.

Building your Brand awareness has become easier nowadays with the advanced technologies, the digitalization and the accessibility.

Here’s some ways that can increase Brand awareness of your company :

1. Be social : Maximise brand awareness and boost trafic & sales with social media tools

Take your brand on social media channels such as Linkedin, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and so on to start talking to your potential customers.

You can also use paid advertisement options to increase the number of relevant target group of people.

You can start putting your brand on social channels to be seen by the right people at the right moments.

Don’t forget to focus on your content, that should be creative, rich, different, useful and educative.

It is worth knowing that growing with your brand following on social media channels takes time and effort but it is productive.

2. Ask influencers and key opinion leaders for reviews to increase brand awareness

Influencers can give honest feedback about your products or services. By asking influencers or collaborating with them to write reviews on their websites and mentioning your brand name can help to put your brand in front of your target audience’s eyes.

After all, word of mouth and honest opinions on your services will speak volumes to reinforce your reputation.

3. Exhibit to increase brand awareness

Exhibiting can be a highly effective way to showcase your brand across hundreds of people in your target market.

Subsequntly, being face-to-face with potential customers, could be a fantastic way to gain a greater exposure for your brand.

You should make sure that any of your displays at these events should be clearly branded.

You can exibit to virtual exibitions or physical ones, since virtual exhibition has become a trend and a very efficient way to promote businesses.

4. Do Press Release : it Can Quickly Raise Your Brand Profile

If you want to enhance quickly the profile of your brand, then write a compelling press release that is newsworthy.

A Press Release can benefit just about any businesses, regardless of your size. Although it is commonly used to announce new products or new services, it can also be used to announce any information or events related to your business or products/services.

5. Join forces with another business

There is power in numbers – if you can identify other businesses, targeting the same kind of customer like you, but not directly competing, there’s an opportunity to join forces for mutual benefit.

Using those powerful methods correctly can increase your brand awareness to the best extent, althought there are many other factors, that can help you building your brand and promoting your business.

We will be talking more about details and about those other different methods and going deeper in our next articles.

Stay tuned …