Nov 17, 2022, 10:43:04 AM


Discover 5 reasons behind Empty Metaverse

Top 5 reasons behind Empty Metaverse

  1.   It is the beginning -- Our current 2D famous social networks put more than an average of 3 years to reach decent numbers and scale up!
  2.   User experience – Still no focus on use cases to create value to users. The value from Facebook is to connect with family, friends and share with them news and information! What is the value from Horizon? I guess for facebook users more interactivity and experiences with their family and friends? Have Meta/Horizon allowed organizing birthdays in the metaverse in an easy way? I guess it is interesting for every family to involve their family members to participate to their children and beloved’s birthday celebration when they cannot attend. It could be very funny!
  3.  A metaverse is an ecosystem and not a 3D place – Creating a beautiful 3D place without the right ecosystem is like building an amusement park in the desert! The heart of the metaverse is the ecosystem, its related community and interactivity.           
  4. Lack of a metaverse program -- Mainly What we currently see 3D places without activity program. Gathering places like movie theater, stadium, cabaret, Expo spaces have activity programs and I think they will be empty if they ask attendees to create their own content and program to amuse themselves!
  5.  Platforms maturity - When platforms are not mature yet means glitching and unhappy users


Article by Hanene Maupas, CEO, Mext B2B Metaverse