Nov 17, 2022, 10:43:04 AM


Will the metaverse change the humanity values?

Another question and another topic that has been excessively debated recently! Will the #metaverse change our values as human?, will the metaverse make us less human, more perverse?... several questions accompanied by a conspiracy theory to make things right even spicier!

Let's go to the basic:

What are Human values? #ethics, #altruism, #love and social #intelligence

What is Metaverse? The next generation of web technology

Then, the question is, are technologies able to change humanity values?

I assume that the hindsight of centuries of experience with technological developments allows us today to say that: technology is a tool that human will use according to his values.

Typically, the French expression: prostitution is the oldest profession in the world (la prostitution est le plus vieux métier du monde) shows that ethics, the good and the bad, are not something created by technology but practiced differently with technology.


Article by Hanene Maupas, CEO, Mext B2B Metaverse