Jul 28, 2022, 8:33:20 AM


Must Metaverse 3E Values: Equality, Education & Ecology

The ever-changing trends of the global culture and diversity have perhaps never received as much attention from sociologists, anthropologists, biologists, and industrial policy makers as today. Therefore, we have chosen to develop our Must project considering past experiences, the multiplicity of cultures and the importance to include sustainable future in our development strategies and following them as guidelines for the 3E values:

Equality – Open and Free for all

Must Metaverse Platform grants equal rights, as it is available and free of charge for all visitors. No need any more of Visa, passport, travel expenses and fees to develop your activity within your business ecosystem!

Education – Learning from everybody, sharing with everybody, with experts and be updated with the latest development in your field.

The process of sharing knowledge and education, collaboration, business matchmaking, gathering information-all about circulating the power of knowledge to face the new industrial challenges across global communities, and to make a perfect and balanced business ecosystem.

Ecology – Context & Co-relation of Environmental Ecology, Ecosystem Sustainability and Must Metaverse platform.

Ecology explained the interactions between living beings. It indicated the movement of life processes, interactions, adaptation with their physical environment. The balance & energy interactions among living communities make an ecosystem. Everything is already provided within the ecosystem for life to survive, whatever the changes undergone, it is a sustainable ecosystem.

The industry has had an impact on the environment over the years, threatening its sustainability and being a source of pressure on the environment in many ways: gas emissions, water ecosystem alteration, waste generation from industry operation to intense business international traveling, tons of glossy printings, disproportionate activity of physical Trade Shows where we build entire villages in wood and metal in very poorly insulated sheds that we are forced to heat up, and to destroy and dump them right after! and all this waste just for 2-3 days for promotional activity, repeated everywhere, every year in the world!

With Must Metaverse Platform, we wanted to develop a Digital Business Ecosystem platform to help companies to manage their ecosystem while being fuel-less, trash-less to achieve the bunch of sustainable practices, to go greener and to reach the real target of achieving zero emissions. We are a Greentech company!

THE destination ….

The metaphor of 3E of Must Metaverse Platform motivates the emerging thoughts and ideas to foster a collective intelligence shaping the improvement of society in a sustainable environment.